3D walls could really enrich your home’s interior

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  When thinking of ways to improve your home, chances are 3D wall coverings aren’t exactly the first thought that crosses your mind.  However, here at 3D Art Factory, we believe that there really is no better way to enrich the interior of your home, then with a touch of 3D. So convinced are we […]

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Why Are Feature Walls a Popular Addition to Any Room?

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  Gone are the days of having a simple and plain room, now it’s all about open plan kitchen, wall decorations and modern designs. We’ve all seen a hotel, lobby or business space with an impressive feature wall but this trend has now made its way into home interiors.   Many individuals opt to have […]

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Every project is different

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  Your home is a truly unique reflection of you. It is a place that you call your own, that is yours to decorate, design and finish just the way that you want. The trouble is, not everyone finds interior design easy.   This means that from time to time, homeowners are going to need […]

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