Extra-large murals and photo wallpapers printed on formats up to 3.1 m high and up to 45 m long in one piece, without any joints.

We believe our innovative solution of seamless wall coverings gives a great opportunity for creating bespoke wall murals printed in one piece using eco-friendly latex technology. Our murals are available in a few different finishes, from matt or canvas to a silk gloss finish, allowing them to fit perfectly into any modern or traditional living room, hallway, dining room or commercial spaces. We are able to print any picture from Fotolia stock, any geometric pattern from Pattern designs stock, or your own picture or graphics project. Our glamorous wallpapers are easier to hang than traditional wallpaper, making them perfect to use for any decorator. Additionally, they are seamless and without joints, so you don’t have to worry about achieving a perfect final effect.


black and white wallpaper in the restaurant
3d wallpaper in a beautiful bathroom
black and white wallpaper
black and white wallpaper
3d wallpaper with flowers in the office
3d wallpaper with leaves in the kitchen
red brick on the wall in a restaurant
3d wallpaper on a ceiling
black and white wallpaper in office
wallpaper on the wall with a woman in flowers in a painting studio
colorful wallpaper
wallpaper in living room